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If you are looking at this website then you have an interest in Aviation like we do. Hitchcock Aviation is about brokering aircraft and selling aircraft parts. When done right, this is an exciting business to be in. We are committed to ensuring that our customer’s buying and selling needs are met. We do this by being upfront and honest.

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Hitchcock Aviation is an authorized distributor for the following Backcountry Aircraft products:

Airglas, Inc Logo


Founded in 1955. Manufacturers of the finest Aircraft skis, Heavy Duty Nose Forks, and Cargo Pods in the aviation industry. Airglas is no stranger to the outback aviation adventurer.
Airglas, Inc Logo

Burl’s Aircraft, LLC

Maker of the finest fiberglas tail skis and an innovative new Cub suspension system, AOSS. If you are ready to fly in the snow in Alaska you will want to check this product out.
Alaskan Bushwheel Logo

Alaskan Bushwheels & Alaska Tundra Tires

Makers of industry standard big tires for light airplane. If you are looking for quality bush wheels to land in Idaho’s backcountry airstrips, look no further.
B.A.S. Inc Logo

B.A.S. Inc.

BAS Inc. is a company born, like many companies, to fill a demand for a more useful product and to help make aviation safer.

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You can count on Hitchcock aviation for honesty, trust, and good service. We focus on your needs in the aviation business. When you have made the decision to buy or sell a plane, have a question about a component, or just want to talk about Backcountry flying, then please give us a call.