Airglas Cargo Pods

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Airglas Cargo Pods

Around the hangar, what are two of things pilots always need: More Cargo Space and More Gas! Hitchcock Aviation has the answer for Cub and Husky drivers. For Super Cub type aircraft, we have the Airglas Cargo, Fuel, or if you need both, combination Cargo/Fuel Pods. For The Aviat Husky we have Cargo Pods.

The pods are sealed units constructed of fiberglass and are easy to install on Cubs and Huskies. The sealed pod means the oil, fuel, and exhaust from your engine do not end up on all of your belongings whether it be food, clothing, game, or anything else you don’t want to smell or taste like the engine. The other great thing about a pod is that the weight is right under you, not back in the tail creating aft CG problems.

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