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Airglas Nose Forks

Do you ever look at some of those big tires with envy? Are you tired of those rough landing areas rattling your teeth and your airplane? Hitchcock Aviation has the answer for you:

The Airglas Heavy Duty Nose Fork authorizes 8.50×6 tires (or smaller) on the nose gear and the main gear of most Cessna singles.

We also have an STC for the Piper PA-28’s & -32’s which uses an 8.00×6 on the nose.

The Airglas fork is constructed of heat treated 4130 chromoly steel and attaches to the existing nose strut barrel of your plane. The Cessna Heavy Duty fork, by contrast, is aluminum and only allows you to put a 7.00×6 tire on the front end of your bird. Imagine how much better your plane will handle those rough airstrips or off field landings with larger tires and a Heavy Duty Airglas Nose Fork.

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