Airglas Skis

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Airglas Skis

You have decided you need to operate on the snow this winter and not just head for the Baja with your plane. Airglas Skis are both the most durable and the most cost effective way to get your plane on new skis.

Airglas Skis are designed to withstand the day in and day out abuse of the long arctic winter, yet are maneuverable, light, and long lasting. The skis make use of some of the latest reinforced plastics and fiberglas which allow them to absorb extremely high shock loads without damaging the ski or the aircraft.

Airglas designs skis with rolled edges and angled bushings to lessen side loads on the landing gear and axles and to provide greater maneuverability. The skis have a flexible tip and large flat planing area to allow for maximum support, fast planing, and a quick rise out of deep snow. Just compare the surface area of the Airglas skis to that of the competition.

Hitchcock Aviation offers Straight Skis, Fixed Penetration Skis, or Hydraulic Wheel Skis depending on your needs and your airplane. Browse through the skis at right and feel free to contact us with any questions about the skis or which ones would be right for you.