Middle Fork Mod – Cessna Tail Slides


Middle Fork Mods, LLC was conceived and inspired out of experience and necessity. We designed the Cessna Tail Slide, directly addressing a problem we have repaired over and over in our maintenance facility. Over 20 years of operating and maintaining single engine Cessna’s in the Idaho Backcountry lead us to developing, certifying, patenting and now manufacturing and marketing our Cessna tail slide, often referred to as a tail skid. Our tail slide is the preventative action for the most common reoccurring accidental damage we see happen to our own and customer’s Cessna’s. In this case prevention is much more cost effective than the cure.


  • Regular price $1,500.00


In the event of a tail strike often the aft bulkhead is damaged to the point it has to be replaced. The tail cone and elevators can come out worse for wear. Replacing the bulkhead involves removing the rudder, elevators, and Vertical and Horizontal stabilizers. It’s a fair amount of labor and the bulkheads are expensive. Some of the older models the bulkheads are no longer available.

Our Patented Cessna Tail slide is designed to slide across the surface and gently lift the tail at the same time. It attaches to the original point and the bulkhead forward providing extra strength and the lifting action as opposed to the factory ring digging in and pulling. It also cradles the rear bulkhead and adds considerable strength preventing crushing.

  • It’s a Cessna Tail Slide, Not a Cessna Tail Skid.
  • Approved under an Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) and manufactured under a Parts Manufacturing Approval, (FAA-PMA).
  • Canadian validated.
  • The approved model list (AML) includes every Cessna 182, 205, 206, 207 and 210, from the first one manufactured in the 50’s to the new ones rolling off the assembly line today.
  • Manufactured out of aluminum, adds about 1.7 pounds.
  • Abrasion guard (optional on all Cessna models) made out of abrasion resistant steel, weighs .5 pounds, ideal for flight training.
  • Comes epoxy primed and must be painted to match the aircraft.
  • FAA required the tie down point be placarded, stencils provided.

Kit includes:

  • 1 Cessna Tail Slide
  • Mounting hardware
  • 1 set of paint stencils
  • Approval paperwork including the STC, AML & ICA’s

Installation details:

  • A row of about 15 (depends on the model) round head rivets down the center of the aircraft belly between the bulkheads must be replaced with flush head rivets so the heads don’t rub on the tail slide.
  • Roughly a dozen rivets (depends on the model) are removed from the 2 aft bulkheads, the factory tie down ring is removed.
  • Match and drill the holes from the aircraft to the tail slide.
  • Paint the tail slide to match the aircraft.
  • Using provided stencils paint the placarded instructions onto the tail slide.
  • Bolt the tail slide to the aircraft.
  • Installation time averages about 6 hours.