ABI 199-62 Wheel and Double Puck Brake Kit


Upgrade your Stopping Power

Requires Atlee Dodge Heavy Duty Brake STC. Double Puck brakes offer a large increase in stopping power and overall safety for heavier aircraft in short-field situations. ABI aluminum wheels are painted black.


Wheels and Brakes

3-bolt, 1 1/2″ axle, aluminum direct replacement for the Cleveland 199-62 wheel and brake kit.

Kit comes with (2) ABI 40-75D 6″ wheel assemblies and (2) ABI 30-52N brake assemblies (including bearings, races, bolts, etc).

The ABI-199-62 wheel and brake kit is FAA/PMA approved for:
– Cessna series 180, 185, and 206
-And now on A185-E, and A185-F models!
– Maule series M-4 through M-9
Note: If ordering for a Maule, please indicate your specific model in the notes section of the order page.
– American Champion series 7 and 8
Note: American Champion series 7 aircraft require GCBC (Scout) axles to work with Alaskan Bushwheels.