1966 Beechcraft Debonair C33A

For sale a 1966 Beechcraft Debonair C33A with low time IO-520. The C33A delivers an impressive balance of speed, comfort, safety quality, crisp handling and timeless good looks. This high-performance light aircraft with 74 gallons of usable fuel and 1234 lbs of useful load makes this Debonair the perfect family or business aircraft. Price $130,000


Product Details

Equipment Specifications:

Registration Number:              N4875J

Serial Number:                        CE-124

Year:                                       1966

Manufacturer:                        Beechcraft

Model:                                     C33A

Location:                                 Idaho

Condition:                               Used

Flight Rules:                           IFR

Number of Seats:                     4



Total Time Air Frame:               6250 Hrs.

Engine Specifications:

Model:                                     IO-520-BA

Time:                                        770 Hrs. SMOH by Western Skyways,

196 hours since top end with new Superior Cylinders.

Recent annual compressions: #1 80/80, #2 78/80, #3 80/80, #4 78/80, #5 78/80, #6 80/80.



Model:                                     McCauley 3A32C76-S-MR Hub S82NB-2 3 Blade

Time:                                        815 SPOH


Nav/Comm Radios:                 KX-155

Audio Panel:                            KA 134 TSO

Transponder:                           Garmin GTX345 ADS-B In/Out (tested ’20)

Engine Monitor:                       JPI EDM 700 with fuel flow

Auto Pilot:                                S-TEC 60-2


Additional Equipment:

D’Shannon one piece windshield

GAMInjectors installed 2019

Door Steward

AeroLED’s Sun Beacon II belly light & upper fuselage beacon

5th Seat Hardware

Knisley Exhaust System

Three Point Torso Inertial Reel Shoulder Belts

Electric Trim

Landing Gear Safety System

Right-Hand Rudder Pedals

Recent Maintenance:

New Vacuum pump 2020

Rebuilt Fuel Pump 2020

Prop Disassembled, cleaned, and inspected 2020

Exterior: 8/10 (Repainted 2/93)

Interior: 5/10

Inspection Status:

Annual Inspection: June 2021

All AD’s and inspections complied with

New 406 ELT and Battery: July 2021

Pitot/Static Certification: July 2021

Complete Logbooks

Excellent Condition

Always Hangared

Same owner for the last 20 years

Elevators were reskinned in 2006


Max Gross Takeoff Weight:       3300 lbs

Basic Empty Weight:                 2066 lbs

Useful Load:                              1234 lbs

Fuel Capacity:                            80 Gallons (74 Usable)

Empty CG:                                 79.31

Cruise - 75% Power (15gph)     174 knots

Max Range 55% Power (11gph) 939 nm

Best Rate of Climb:                 1200 fpm

Service Ceiling:                       18,300

Take Off Ground Roll:              880 ft

Landing Ground roll:             625 ft

Additional information

Registration Number







C33A – Debonair


Total Time Air Frame: 6250Hrs
No damage history

Engine Specifications

SMOH: 770Hrs.
196 hours on Superior Cylinders


3-Blade McCauley
815 SPOH
Polished Spinner

Avionics & Radios

Nav/Comm 1&2: KX-155
Audio Panel: KA 134 TSO
Transponder: GTX 345 ADS-B In/Out
Engine Monitor: JPI EDM 700 with Fuel Flow
Auto Pilot: S-TEC 60-2


D'Shannon one piece windshield
GAMInjectors installed 2019
Door Stewards
5th Seat Hardware
Landing gear safety system
Electric Trim


Repainted: 1993 Score: 8/10


Score: 5+/10
Original colors in good shape


Annual Inspection: June 2021
All AD’s and inspections complied with
New 406 ELT and Battery September 2021
Pitot/Static Certification July 2021
Complete Logbooks
Excellent Condition with No Damage History
Always Hangared
Same owner for the last 20 years

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